Videogames usually get defamed as time-wasting materials. They disturbed your mindset and forbade you to focus on your work. Most of the parent complain about the negative impacts of technological games. Every coin has both positive and negative aspects. However, blind judgment on anything has become an ongoing trend. Playing video games frequently is considered as the soulful reason behind the damage of the young brain and extreme weird behavior. However, science agrees with the fact that playing with excessive technology can create the idea of isolation in you. Although modern research does convey some beneficial counts of video games. Every single object has a brighter side inside it. You need to look for the favorable terms to have the get the best out it. Enjoying demands a complete knowledge about the topic. Hence you need to understand the mechanism of the video games before you start liking the latent fun in it.Image result for video games


A video game is a brain booster or a child. Most of the games demand high-level thinking and aptitude to win the levels. However, the practical application is better than the theoretical classes. Hence the video games indirectly give a work out to the brain of the child. Some of the positive effects of video games are-

  1. PROBLEM SOLVING AND LOGIC: some of the games such as incredible Machine, The rope, etc. demands a creative aspect if you want to win the game. The games allow a complete exercising of the brain through solving of the puzzles.
  2. IMPROVISATION OF THE HAND EYE COORDINATION AND MOTOR MOVEMENTS: shooting games ask thorough coordination and focus on the eye and the hands of the player. He needs to keep his eye stick on the monitor while holding his hand trained on the keyboard. Besides frequent playing, adjust your hand in the keypad. Gradually your brain learns to speed up the coordination by increasing the pace of pressing the critical bad on visual sights. Modern research proves the contemporary day fighter pilot is more coordinated because of their excellent hands in video games.
  3. PLANNING AND MANAGEMENTMENT: some of the video games such as Railroad Tycoon, Age of Empires, etc. train you about the management skills required in the game. you get to learn about the best usage of the resource.


Modern research work coveys videogames attain a considerable height in making top-notched brains. Usually, a game demands an accurate decision on the point. You can not delay your decision making because your whole game is on stake the same theory happens in real life. You need to be an accurate ad firm in every decision you make.


Everything in the universe has got two sides. However, it is our choice on whom you want to rely on. If you’re going to focus on negative aspects, you can never learn the hidden right parts about it. However, if you decide to opt for the positive part, you will learn to see good things in everything. The video game, as a whole, is not limited to amusement. It is contributing a lot more to the present and future generation.


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