A wall safe is an excellent way to discretely hide your valuables like guns, jewelry, and even cash. If you have valuables like guns, jewelry, and special papers that you want to protect from thieves and natural disasters, wall safesare a perfect choice. A wall safe hides your valuables behind a photo on the wall or in a closet. No one knows the safe is there and if you purchase a water proof and fire proof model, everything in the safe will survive a fire or a flood.

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Easy Installation

Wall mounted safes are very easy to install on your own. If you choose to have someone install a wall safe, you should be sure that person is highly trusted or is bonded and insured. If you hire someone to install yours, then that person knows about the location and how to get your belongings.

Hide With Stylish Artwork

These safes come in a variety of sizes and most can be hidden by artwork that is 24 x 18 and some are even smaller. Most safes are about the size of bathroom cabinets that can be installed in the wall. Many safes do not have much depth, so you will not be able to hide items that are very large. Hand guns fit nicely in these models in the wall.

Install in the Closet

If you install a wall safe in your closet, it is already hidden. Installing a wall safe in the closet is a great idea because most thieves will not look at the walls in a closet; they tend to look at the floor and at shelves.

Hard to Steal

Wall safes are also good ideas because they cannot be easily removed from the wall. So, while a hand gun safe or a small safe can easily be picked up and stolen, these safe cannot be removed from a house very easily. The other types of safes that can be removed from a house are very easy for criminals to open with the proper tools https://homecarechoices.org/wall-safes/

Hide Your Valuables

Wall safes are excellent ideas for people who have small things, like hand guns, jewelry and other items that they want to keep away from criminal. To be vigilant, these should be installed by the owners of the safes so that strangers do not know where to find valuables in the house.

Most wall safes can be purchased for $300 or less.

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Wall safes for the home are great purchases for every homeowner because your valuables and your own safety are very important. If you have different kinds of guns and have a few that are prone to theft, getting a wall safe is advised. A gun safe is also needed for every gun owner because this does not only make sure that your gun is in a safe place but makes sure that the children do not touch it.

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