House of Veil is an online fashion store with a lovely boutique shop in the heart of Melbourne. We are fashion enthusiasts, creatives, stylists, with a flair for the indulgent and beautiful, and as such, are proud to bring you some of the best Australian clothing brands in the world of women’s fashion currently on the market. While we will always keep up to date with international chic and far-away styles and modeling, House of Veil is, and always will be, an Australia fashion house that stocks the best Australian clothing brands for women of all ages and preference. No matter your style or personality, whether you wish to dress up and dazzle the proverbial crowd, or to simply look beautiful in a more conservative and alluring way, House of Veil has you covered. With Australia clothing brands such as: Ivory & Chain, Peta & Jain, Billini Shoes, Madison, and Wish the Label,

House of Veil is name that goes hand in hand with not only the world of women’s fashion and accessories, but also a brand ambassador of sorts, for quality, Australian-made clothing brands. Be sure to check out the very best Australian clothing brands regularly, as we regularly update our online catalogue. Look stunning. Make an impact. Dress well!

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