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About Felix

Felix Starck, born 1990 in a little German village called Herxheim.

Sport has always dominated my life and since June 2013 I have combined it with my other great passion, traveling. Ever since then I've been traveling the world by bicycle. I came up with the idea to ride a bike around the world the first time at the age of 16 years. At that time prevailed reason and instead I opted for a year to America to attend High School. Three years later I wanted to explore Europe by bicycle, but again different reasons won out and I decided to work in the sport-departement of the Daimler AG. There I used my contacts in the sport industry and was looking for the necessary sponsors for such a long journey. Rather by accident I decided to turn the experienced into a documentary. Untrained I found myself in June 2013 with over 55kg luggage and some video cameras on the way. The aim is to fulfill a dream: the dream of absolute freedom and the discovery of our planet.